MAPFRE Insurance:

Less than 1% incidence in the management of correspondence 

The area of ​​internal and external messaging was self-managed by the insurance company with staff lacking the knowledge, experience and technology to successfully carry out the tasks of the department. With the deterioration of the service and to the urgent need to standardize an area of malfunction could lead to economic losses to the business, the insurer changed in less than a month from the red status to blue.



Name: MAPFRE Insurance 
Country: Venezuela 
Industry: Insurance 
Number of employees: 1,100 
Description of products and services: Assistance and Special Risks in the Insurance, Finance, Tourism and Automotive 
Hired Mailroom Service Organization: Managing internal and external messaging


Mailroom Organization team at Mapfre Insurance Company

Envelopes that did not arrive on time at their destination, lack of information about the status of a package, ignorance of the arrival of a parcel, or phones that kept ringing asking for response to an incident, were some of the recurring situations in the area of correspondence of MAPFRE Seguros. When incidents began to have consequences that loomed business risks, they decided to seek specialist support to change the numbers from red to blue.

Before hiring the Services of Mailroom Organization, the area was in charge of MAPFRE’s personnel by self management without supervisor for an extended period of time, without technological tools to help ease the burden of manual labor, without reliable schemes work and reporting serious flaws with the motorized staff.

To illustrate the importance of timely and effective management of this area, the head of Procurement MAPFRE’s personnel, Julia Garcia, concerns contact with official bodies: “In relation to these entities, comply with legal and formal duties merits the appropriate responses established periods. If the requested documentation to the insured is delivered on time at MAPFRE’s personnel, but the recipient delivery is delayed, we give inputs to submit complaints and lawsuits against the Organization. And therefore, to be submitted to the competent bodies, which in turn supports requested deliverables within a fixed period, we can make subject to heavy fines affecting our heritage and reputation”, she explains.

Normalizing the service, diagnosing areas for improvement

When she answered MAPFRE’s call, Mailroom Organization heard the story of their problems and made a diagnosis of the situation to launch the first major challenge: to standardize the service.

“We saw how they worked and told them where they could improve. For example, among its rules was that the correspondence was collected three times a day, while analyzing the data, we conclude that twice was enough and time gained to devote to their own correspondence tasks like preparing envelopes, register them in the system, packing, etc. We were raised to improve service at the same or lower cost than that represented to them through self-management; automate the control area the path of a document; report zero incidents; and respond immediately to their needs and those of their customers”, relates Raul Matute, director of Mailroom Organization.

As a result of the diagnosis, the volume handled by MAPFRE was posted to 6,000 envelopes per month, requiring the dedication of only two people-a supervisor and an assistant to drive efficient operations-operating tasks, instead of the three that were initially allocated. Both the supervisor and the auxiliary feature training, methodology and know-how led by Mailroom Organization, with three motorized staff to complete the team.

“All requirements were covered with a technological plus, unexpected and very welcome”

The correspondence management tool, SISCOR, part of the service and is what allows for comprehensive, beyond mere trace the status of a parcel through different channels. “The system proactively sends transmitter and receiver emails or SMS text messages indicating each step following your package. By informing, you suppress stress off the sender and the recipient. Also, it is a green technology that eliminates the need for impressions, make use of a virtual sticker and install the application on the Intranet, eliminating correspondence calls for status”, describes Matute.

“We have achieved the messaging tasks are carried out in the shortest time possible, with responsible and trustworthy staff”

Management transparency

The correspondence management area is not only in the sight of the entire MAPFRE in the day to day sending and receiving parcels. The system can extract SISCOR reports for delivery indicators, returns, time packet processing, claims, incidents, volume and costs associated with handling by courier, and even the effectiveness of each person in the role it plays. “Every month we send a report of findings, but the customer can get it by extracting it from the system itself. It is transparent for both parties because the indicators are the product of what records Mailroom Organization that is in your office, at your service”, refers Omar Tovar, director of led by Mailroom Organization.

“We have made the work of messaging be carried out in the shortest time possible, with responsible and trustworthy staff, permitting the placement in the hands of a contractor as Mailroom Organization, tasks ranging from the simplest to the most complex and confidential”, Julia Garcia stands.

After a year of service Mailroom Organization, the head of Procurement at MAPFRE summarizes similar experience with who places the positive checks in test answers: “Adapting to the initial requirements of the Organization was quick and without trauma to users , all requirements were covered with a technological plus not expected and very welcome, the staff always attentive and ready to provide the best service assumes the responsibilities and respond efficiently and effectively, which is reflected in a better picture of internal MAPFRE and external. For me, the best feedback is not having it. In general, users can communicate only when they have to report incidents and reports we have are few, and attributable to service provider transfer to inland majority”, concludes Garcia.


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